May 12, 2000


Participating Artists:
dNASAb, screaMachine, Lillian Ball, Jody Elff, Fabian Tejada, Kevin Auzenne, Doron Golan, Stacey joy, iligili

"Artimation": selected works of digital fine artists" is an exploration of the Digital Moving Images medium. It will introduce the public to the work of artists like iligili, Stacey joy, Disney Borg, Fabien Tajeda and Lillian Ball, all digital animators who have created a demand for their skills in both the commercial and fine art community. This medium crosses the commercial use of the digital medium via fine art, eliminating the traditional space of The Art Gallery, making digital art more accessible to the Public by the use of Screening Rooms, Video Walls, Education Institutions.

Show Events/Schedule: May 30, 31 and June 1, 2000 from 7-8:30 pm, and from 9-10:30 pm.
Makor Screening Room, 35 West 67th Street.

Michele Thursz, Director

414 Broadway
New York NY 10013