February 15, 2001


Participating Artists:
Cory Arcangel and Joseph Nechvatal

Curator: Michele Thursz

Cory Arcangel and Joseph Nechvatal investigate in this exhibition Transforming sentiments found in elements of the human experience through the use of computer technology. Through the transformation of reproducible information - whether biological or image-based. Nechvatal, and Arcangel create new relations between the life force and virtuality.

Selected RAM works: : [post-data] is based on the concept that all data is created equal. RAM works are created by reinterpreting raw random access memory and video data [supplied by Joseph Nechvatal] by hacking the file *headers originally designated for the data and replacing them with alternate headers.

Joseph Nechvatal will present at MIG his most recent work: virus project 2.0. Using a C++ framework, Mr. Nechvatal (with the help of his programmer/collaborator St phane Sikora) has taken his 1992-3 virus project 1.0 into the realm of artificial life (i.e. into a synthetic system that exhibits behaviors characteristic of natural living systems - in his case viruses). For virus project 2.0, an A-life virus program is unleashed on image-files from Mr. Nechvatal's recent body of work; "ec-satyricOn 2000 (enhanced)+ bodies in the bit-stream(compliant)". Also on view will be a Director animation documenting his Computer Virus Project 1.0 and recent digital prints.

Cory Arcangel will present *urbandale: the video rendered in a bitmapped font created for the project, and an accompanying score which features an original composition consisting of 12~ electric guitars. Filmed at Urbandale Plaza in the eastern suburbs of Buffalo N.Y., urbandale is a study of America's suburban sprawl; stripped to its barest essentials and void of unnecessary contemporary cultural influence. Along with the audio and visual installation a portfolio of hand printed silk screens will be available for viewing.

*urbandale is a commission of New Radio and Performing Arts for its Turbulence Web site with funds from the Jerome Foundation

*header - the information in a file which instructs the computer how to interpret the data contained in that file

Show Events/Schedule: March 2 -March 22 2001 6-9 PM
Opening reception: Friday March 2, 2001 6-9 PM

Michele Thursz, Director

414 Broadway
New York NY 10013