May 17, 2001

World Of Awe

Participating Artist:
Yael Kanarek

Curator: Michele Thursz

World of Awe is an ongoing cross-media project since 1995. A fantastical environment that magnifies the formation of a personal world-view. Its landscape is the Sunset/Sunrise, a desert terrain trapped in the mind frame between night and day. Through this landscape, roams a traveler in search of a lost treasure, http://www.worldofawe.net/thejournal/navigation/Silicon_Canyon.pdf

The exhibition focuses on one area in the Sunset/Sunrise called Silicon Canyon, which is a graveyard for old hardware and software from the silicon based computer chips era.In the Love Letter 87/9.3 the traveler wrote about Silicon Canyon: "And if I wasn't sure I was alive, I would surely think I was in heaven."

Show Events/Schedule: June 7 - June 30, 2001
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 7, 2001 6-9 PM

Michele Thursz, Director

414 Broadway
New York NY 10013