Doron Golan
Born in Haifa, Israel.
Lives and works in Karkur, Israel.
contact: dorongolanom[at]
Online Projects
1995-2017 (my portfolio)
1997–2007 (netart collection)
2005–2016 (online video magazine)
Exhibitions, Screenings, Publications
2016 ’20/21’ , Visual Arts Centre, North Lincolnshire, UK
  ‘Doron Golan', Beecroft Gallery, Southend UK
2015 ’Open Closed Open’, group exhibition at Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 Palais de Tokyo FIAC 2014, Dizi Central 5, Paris, France
  "Throng. Figure", (one person exhibition), Contemporary by Golconda, Tel Aviv, Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel
  "One against Milion", (Hebrew), Haaretz, Uzi Zur
2013 BYOB Tel Aviv (curator), Video, concept by RafaŽl Rozendaal, Contemporary by Golconda, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012 ’InterFun, Tel Aviv speed show’, speed show (curator), Tel Aviv, Israel
  "Adding to Subtract", Contemporary by Golconda, Tel Aviv, Israel
  ’Adding to Subtract’ by Ayelet Zohar, Erev Rav, Israel, PDF (Hebrew), Link (Hebrew)
  ’Adding to Subtract: Simple Math’ by Smadar Sheffi, Haaretz (Hebrew), Israel
  'Net Video, Black Box', works from the web site, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
  ’Why that and not the other’ by Uzi Zur, Haaretz (Hebrew), Israel
  ’From computer screen into a gallery space’ by Smadar Sheffi, Haaretz (Hebrew), Israel
  ’Works by Wolfgang Staehle’, (curator), Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 "Parallel Worlds - The Mysterious Doron Golan", Digi Cult Magazine, DIGIMAG 67, Italy, Italian, English
  "Bridges", "Dizi Central 3", Inbal Multicultural Ethnic Centerl, Susan Dallal Center, Tel Avi, Israel
  "In Between Frames", "Man With A Movie Camera", The Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, Hungary
  "Electronic Village Galleries Liskeard", "DVblog Sellection", Liskeard Public Hall, UK
  "Agora", "Try Ja Love 13", Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  "FILE 2011", "Electronic Language International Festival", "Waking Quad", Sao Paulo, Brasil
  "Greener On The Other Side", "Dizi Central",International video Festival, Chongqing, China
2010 "Handheld Pyramid", The Big Screen Project, NY, USA
  "Re[a]l Cinema: Contemporary Translations of the Body", with Keren Cytter, University of Delaware, USA
  "Julia", "JavaMuseum 2010", Cologne, Germany
  "Dizi Central", "Urban Realities", Pixel Pops, NY/NJ, USA
  "Proximity of an open boat", "Tether Studios", Nottingham, UK
  "Sphinx 11", "Dizi Central 3", Weizman Rally screening program, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Israel
  "Tel Aviv Jaffa", Screening Program IV, MMX Berlin, Germany
  "What is Religion",, Israel
2009 "Staplehurst Arts Festival", Staplehurst, UK
  "Found Footage!", Videochannel - New Media Festival, Cologne, Germany
  "KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL 2009", Kessel-Lo, Belgium
  "Musical Car", Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
  IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), Nederland
  ''Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent'', with Michael Szpakowski, HTTP Gallery, London, UK
  "YOVEO International Video Festival", The Suffolk Space, New York, USA
"Space - In Between", Video installation, Susan Dallal Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel
"Billy Name", Blinking Lights II, FLUSHNIK, Brooklyn, USA
"Man With a Movie Camera", by Perry Bard, The Bigger Picture, UK
2008 Doron Golan , UbuWeb: Film & Video, USA
"CologneOFF II", Yeosu Int. Art Biennalel, South Koeia
"Soldier", One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau, Switzerland
"Tel Aviv Video Portraits", One person show, Junco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod, Israel
"Forgot", Tungsten, Tel Aviv, Israel
"Man With a Movie Camera", Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal, Canada
"Art Blok", video installation , ART BASEL - Miami Beach, USA
2007 "NETworking" works from computer fine arts, PDF catalogue, (Hebrew, English), Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel
1st Digital Art Festival Bahia Blanca, Argentina
[PAM] Perpetual Art Machine, USA
6th Digital Art Festival Maracaibo, Venezuela
"ENTER Caravansarai", CologneOFF II , Istanbul, Turkey
"AND THEN", somedancers karaoke competition, UK
"NewMediaFest2007", Germany
"Slowtime 2007", Cinematheque, Le musee di-visioniste, Cologne, Germany
"Pixelodeon", American Film Institute, Los Angeles, USA
"CeC & CaC", The Academy of Electronic Arts, New Dehli, India
[PAM] Perpetual Art Machine, USA
2006 "Computer Fine Arts Collection by Doron Golan", Digital Art Museum [DAM], Berlin, Germany
"PANesthesia", Pioneer Theater, New York, USA
"PI 5 Video Festival", National Museum Szczecin, Poland
"Festival International de Arte Digital", Rosario, Argentina
"8th CHROMA", Festival de Arte Audiovisual, Guadalajarra, Mexico
"TEKNIkunst Festiva", Melbourne, Australia
"544x378(WebTV)", A jimpunk Project, France
"The4thScreen: PLEASE TURN ON YOUR CELL PHONES", Postmasters Gallery, Walter Reade Theater, New York, USA
"image vs music", "Try Jah Love", VideoChannel, Germany
  "Interferenze Festival", "Buda", San Martino Valle Caudina, Italy
  "DigiFestival", "Tale of Crow", Milan, Italy
  "On Totalitarism" "After The Revolution", Video Channel, Media Art Centre, Germany
  "IFC Media Lab - Experimental", "Lenin", "Try Ja Love 13", "Last Supper", USA
2005 "Broadway-Canal", "TVsky", Nottingham, UK
  "Broadway-Canal", "Pixel Pops", City Gallery, New Haven, CT, USA
  "Shift Control", Web Biennial 2005, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey
  "Tale of Crow", "Thailand New Media Arts Festival", Bangkok, Thailand
  "File 2005" , Electronic Language International Festival, "the9th-Allegro", Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo, Brasil
  "Tale of Crow",, USA
  "Tale of Crow", "Project Features", New Media Art Project Network, Germany
2004 "Online viewing tip",,, UK
  "La creación de la Guerra de los Balcanes: el juego", MediaLab Madrid, Spain
  "Tale of Crow", NEWSgrist,, USA
  "computer fine arts", data/reference/art,, Israel
  "the9th-Allegro", "Tale of Crow", darklight film festival, Dublin, Ireland
  "After the Revolution", Regime Change,, USA
  "the9th-Allegro", commission of New Radio and Performing Arts for, USA
  "Interview", Darshana Vora for, UK
  "Weekly Features", Eduardo Navas for, USA
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  "File 2004", "Portrait de Dieu", Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo, Brasil
  "Keter", Balkan Wars,, Greece
2003 "Arte Digital", Rosario, Argentina
  "Pour faire un portrait de Dieu",, Frence
  "Digital Expressions", Sony PlayStation2,, USA
  "dialogue Magazine", Bits & Bytes Column on digital media arts , Seth Thompson, USA
  "beingthere.html", NOT-TV.ORG, London, UK
  "World's Smallest Film Festival", BigDigit Inc. London, UK
  "The 2003 Net Art Open", The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Irelend
  "MACHINISTA 2003", "Artificial Intelligence in Art: Faces of Machinic Ingenuity", Perm City, Russia
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  "NEWSgrist", Volume 4, no. 7, URL/s*: "nyc2 canal", USA
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  "the >wartime< project", OFFLINE and open_digi, UK
  "nanofestival", zeroglab, Rotterdam, Holland
2002 "", public space for political/critical netart works,, USA
  "New World Order", PixelPress, NY, USA
  "As Good as It Get", SEF3, REX- B92 Cultural Lab, Belgrade, Serbia
  "Over My Dead Body", Tournefeuille, France
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  "Violens", Festival Tábor, Czech Republic
  "Free Manifesta", MANIFESTA 4, Frankfurt Kunstverein, Germany
  "The 2002 Net Art Open" The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Ireland
  "Hive Projects", independent film and video night @ the 360, Toronto, Canada
  "The Free Biennial", NYC, USA
  "Rhizome Digest", 1.6.02, Work: videonet work, USA
  "Kanonmedia - new media line", Vienna, Austria
2001 "File 2001- electronic language festival", Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo, Brasil
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2000 "Moving Image Gallery", "tech know -Logic", NYC, USA 
  "Artimation", Makor screening room, NYC, USA
  "Moving Image Gallery", "Rhizome Artbase",, USA
  "Rhizome Artbase",, USA
  "Happy Hour", The kitchen, NYC, USA
1999 "Ifilm",  "The Meistersinger", USA
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