Moving Image Gallery shows
May 2000 - July 2001

tech know - Logic
Fakeshop, <dNASAb>, screaMachine, Lillian Ball, Jody Elff, iligili The two-night event will investigate the relationship between traditional uses of visual media and their translation through computer generated platforms
May18 - June16, 2000


<dNASAb>, screaMachine, Lillian Ball, Jody Elff, Fabian Tejada, Kevin Auzenne, Doron Golan, iligili. Digital Moving Image presentation in collaboration with Makor Screening Room
May30 - June1, 2000

In Ideogram Part 1 / Martin Wattenberg, John Cabral and David Crawford
Artists explore the uses of the programmer's codes as a vocabulary capable of creating a visual environment.
June29 - July19, 2000

In Ideogram Part 2 / Andy Deck, Mark Napier and RTMark™
"Ideogram Part 2" explores the uses of the web as a collaborative environment. Creating references to public art, territorial marking, style redefining the uses of public and commercial space.
September13 - October8, 2000

Bypaths / Diane Bertolo, Angie Eng, Annette Weintraub
"BYPATHS": an exhibit of net works that deal with the subject of impermanence, presented as installations.
November2 - November24, 2000

screaMachine / Geroid Dolan
"screaMachine": Irish artist Gearoid Dolan a.k.a. screaMachine will be presenting new works in a digitally generated environment at Moving Image Gallery, New York City.
November30 - December21, 2000

RE.SOUND / Jody Elff
Jody Elff uses computer technology to extract sonic elements from the gallery environment and interpret these elements in new, musical ways...
January11 - January31, 2001

David Scher, Marek Walczak with Martin Wattenberg, Patrick Meagher, Lance Singletarry, Stacy Pershall, Kako Ueda and Brian Dewan A one day performance "Spacewalk" will be displayed in the gallery using a combination of Java, vrml, flash, video projections and print-outs.
February3, 2001

Loopixel / Doron Golan
Doron Golan investigates the relationship between painting and the use of time, light portrayed through computer visualizations and compressed imagery.
February8 - February28, 2001

Floppy 1.44   All work to be equal to or less than 150K.

Transformers / Cory Arcangel & Joseph Nechvatal
Cory Arcangel and Joseph Nechvatal investigate in this exhibition Transforming sentiments found in elements of the human experience through the use of computer technology...
March2 - March26, 2001

Magnetics / Golan Levin & Katrin Grotepass
Katrin Grotepass and Golan Levin reach to the opposite ends of the spectrum to relate the same principles in the explorations of Magnetism as a communicative medium.
April5 - April28, 2001

Net art is made to be experienced online. How then should museums and galleries best exhibit net art in their physical spaces?
net.ephemera takes an innovative approach to this problem by focusing on drawings, diagrams, notes, receipts and other physical artifacts related to the making of virtual work.
May3 - May31, 2001

World Of Awe / Yael Kanarek
World of Awe is an ongoing cross-media project since 1995. A fantastical environment that magnifies the formation of a personal world-view. Its landscape is the Sunset/Sunrise, a desert terrain trapped in the mind frame.
June7 - June30, 2001