January 12 1996
The Jerusalem Post
Sophisticated computer art


"TRANSPARENCIES" a computer generated installation by Doron Golan, an
Israeli resident in New York, seems elegant and sophisticated by comparison
with what is on offer here, where computer art is still in its infancy.

Golan's subject matter - quasi-scientific arrangements of astral bodies and
illusions of infinite space flooded with light - is basically the same as that
proposed in his air-brushed paintings in Haifa six years ago.
But this new medium lends his work greater precision in the realm of serial
patterning, total definition and illusions of depth and plan. In addition,
the electronic palette expands his possibilities for achieving effects of
luminosity, transparency and fragility.

Golan shows one large (280 by 250 cm) Cibachrome transparency in the
form of a rectangle of celluloid sealed between glass plates. This is hung
away from the wall and slightly tilted from the vertical to give a calculated
impression of instability.
Printed onto to this surface, in a color scheme limited to muted crimson
and purples, black and silvery white, are serial images of globes and
hemispheres surrounded by a decorative frame of an intertwining
arabesque-like patters.
This ornament is a positive addition to Golan's repertoire of motifs. Apart
from adding interest and definition to his inner 'solar' composition, it imparts
something of the transcendental quality and majesty one associates with
traditional Islamic carpet design.

Golan also show a few small works, each consisting of a square of celluloid
upon which a blurred shape like a cloud, or barely visible cell-like marking,
have been transferred by means of a high definition ink-jet printer. These
pieces would look more effective if shown as part of a far larger series,
filling a wall or a whole gallery.
(Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv. Till February 2, 1996. Other examples of
Golan's work may be seen at Yefet 28 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Till February 5, 1996)